Department of Business

Faculty Name Title Office Location Telephone Email
Amber Ussatis Aberle, M.Ed.  Instructor  McFarland 126  701-845-7526
Brenda Finger, DM  Associate Professor / Department of Business Chair  McFarland Hall 128  701-845-7513
Brenda Tyre,   Assistant Professor  McFarland Hall 132  701-845-7515
Heidi H Larson,   Instructor  McFarland Hall 134  701-845-7517
LaDonna Anderson, B.S.  Administrative Assistant  McFarland Hall 125  701-845-7521
Long Man Ram Lau, M.S., M.A.  Assistant Professor  McFarland 139A  701-845-7524
Morgan Keasler, M.S.  Assistant Professor of Business  McFarland 136  701-845-7518
Ralph Hooper, JD, CPA  Associate Professor  McFarland Hall 127  701-845-7520

Department of Computer Systems and Software Engineering

Faculty Name Title Office Location Telephone Email
Curtis Hill, Ph.D.  Professor  McFarland Room 138C  701-845-7103
Jamie Paurus, M.B.A., PHR  Instructor/Head Golf Coach  McFarland Hall 138F  701-845-7723
Jane Hammer, M.S.  Assistant Professor  McFarland Hall 138B  701-845-7127
Razib Iqbal, Ph.D.  Assistant Professor of Software Engineering  McFarland 138 E  701-845-7553
Susan Pfeifer, M.S., PMP  Associate Professor/Chair of Computer Systems and Software  McFarland Hall 138A  701-845-7719