Art Education is a field of study that explores art as an expression of culture, time and individual identity. Art educators design instructional strategies that help people of all ages understand the nature of making art, interpreting art, relating it to historical developments and exploring its uniqueness as a human endeavor. In the school setting, art education professionals develop instructional materials and curriculum that not only help youth interact with the art created by others, but provide opportunities for them to explore art as a means for better understanding themselves and the culture in which they exist.
As a successful participant of the Valley City State University Art Education program you will receive a Bachelor of Science degree in Education and an initial North Dakota teaching license in education, grades K-12. During coursework and field experiences, you will master basic skills of teaching and demonstrate professional character necessary for teaching. The Education curriculum is committed to learner-centered education and preparation of exemplary teachers.
The B.S in Art Education requires one full semester of student teaching. Each student is placed in two different settings, one at the elementary level and one at the middle or high school level. All students in the program by their junior year must apply for admission to the Teacher Education Program. To be accepted, a student must have a minimum GPA of 2.75 have satisfactory academic performance in the general education composition and communication requirements and successful completion of a speech screening test. They also must meet state and VCSU PPST standards. North Dakota's PPST standards are: Reading (173), Math (170), and Writing (173). Students must meet individual qualifying scores in Math, Reading or Writing, or meet qualifying scores on two of the tests and have a composite score of 516.