Description of Athletic Training Program

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Valley City State University offers an accredited undergraduate program for athletic training through the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE). The athletic training program is a composite major requiring 123 credits for program completion.  The courses are aligned with the CAATE standards and the Athletic Training Educational Competencies set forth by the National Athletic Trainers’ Association.

The next comprehensive site visit is during the 2020-2021 academic school year.

Athletic Training Mission and Goals

The Valley City State University Athletic Training Program exists to prepare students to successfully complete the Board of Certification, Inc. Exam. The mission of the athletic training program is to cultivate a learner-centered community, preparing students to function as critical thinkers using evidence-based practices. The athletic training program incorporates Valley City State University’s mission through the use of technology, active learning and meaningful scholarship.

Program Goals

1.  To promote meaningful, ethical service, and the skilled use of technology in the health care environment.
2.  To provide students with the knowledge and skills to use evidence based and clinical decision-making practices in the healthcare field.
3.  To prepare students to be educators, leaders, and engaged athletic trainers in healthcare communities.
4.  To prepare students to pass the BOC examination and attain graduate school pursuits and/or obtain job placement upon graduation.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

Learning Objective 1
Students will have the appropriate knowledge and educational foundation to interpret evidence based research.

Demonstrate the ability to apply evidence-based medicine and critical thinking skills in the diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of patients.

Learning Objective 2

Students will accurately diagnose patients and develop and implement strategies and programs to prevent the incidence and/or severity of injuries and illness.
Demonstrate proper injury/illness prevention, clinical evaluation and diagnosis, treatment, therapeutic intervention and documentation strategies.

Learning Objective 3
Students will develop the ability to communicate with other allied health professionals and promote acceptable standards of ethical conduct.
Demonstrate appropriate professional behavior at all clinical sites.

Learning Objective 4
Students will obtain appropriate clinical and didactic educational experiences knowledge through preceptors and faculty associated with the athletic training program.
Demonstrate competence of preceptors and faculty associated with the Athletic Training


Program of Study

Course Descriptions

Board of Certification (BOC) Examination

Three Year Aggregate Data

YearNumber of
Number of
Taking BOC Exam
Number of
1st Attempt
Pass Rate

Number of
students who
passed the BOC
regardless of the
number of
Programs must meet or exceed a three year aggregate of 70% First time Pass Rate on the BOC Examination - Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education  (CAATE Standard).  To view VCSU data as well as others programs nationally visit - Professional Programs BOC Exam Pass Rate Data at:

Achievement Measures

Program Retention Rate (Year of Program Admittance to Grad Year)7/8 = 58%

Grad Yr: 2015-16
3/6 = 50%

Grad Yr: 2016-17
4/6 = 67%

Grad Yr: 2017-18
7/12 = 58%

Grad Yr: 2018-19
4/5 = 80%

Grad Yr: 2019-20
Program Graduation RateNANA100%100%100%
Employment/Graduate School RatesEmployed or GA as an ATC 6 months post-graduationNANA4/7 = 57%1/3 = 33%
Employed as ATCNANA4/7 = 57%1/3 = 33%
Grad Assistant as ATCNANA2/7 = 29%0/3 = 0%
Non-related employment or Grad SchoolNANA3/7 = 43%2/3 = 67%

Graduation Requirement

Additional Costs Associated with the the Program

Additional Documents

Office Information

Kinesiology and Human Performance Department Chair
Diane Burr, M.Ed., AT Ret

Administrative Assistant
Amber Olson
Athletic Training Program Director
Rachelle Hunt, M. Ed., ATC, LAT

Exercise Science and Sport Management Program Lead
Sarah Milner, M.A.,CSCS