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Jenni Lou Russi, Associate Professor of Communication Arts

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Jenni came to Valley City State University from Salt Lake City, Utah. Jenni Lou has taught at several universities and colleges, including Kent State University, Western State College of Colorado, and Westminster College. A comedian, actress, vocalist and director, she has worked for professional theatre, opera companies, feature films, television, and comedy clubs for several years before beginning her career in academe.

Jenni Lou teaches and directs at VCSU with an emphasis on the collaborative process, encouraging students to discover new skills while they explore all aspects of Theatre. With an M.F.A. in Acting from Kent State University, she uses her education and professional experience to prepare students for careers in performance and technical Theatre, while teaching students in all fields of study so they can incorporate the creative, leadership, and performance skills in their future career success in all fields - especially their future careers in related fields.

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