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1.01North Dakota State Board of Higher Education
1.02Master of Education Degree
1.03Success II Report (Physical Resource Room) PDF Document
1.04Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences Program
1.05Dakota Nursing Program
1.06Roundtable on Higher Education
1.07North Dakota University System (NDUS)
1.08Technology Education Program
1.09Teaching and Technology Program
1.10Library and Information Technologies Program
2.01Self-Study Report 2002 (Physical Resource Room) PDF Document
2.02North Dakota University System (NDUS)
2.03"A Decade of Transformations" Publication (Physical Resource Room) PDF Document
2.04Information Technology Center
2.05Business Office
2.06Financial Aid Office
2.07Registrar's Office
2.09Flood Documents (Physical Resource Room) PDF Document
2.11Foundation Office
2.12Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences Program
2.13Eagle Creek
2.14SAP University Alliance
2.15Master of Education Degree
2.16Music Program
2.17Elementary Education Program
2.18Health Sciences Program
2.20Strategic Plan - VCSU 2015 PDF Document
2.21Growth Plan 2007 (Physical Resource Room) PDF Document
2.22Success II Report (Physical Resource Room) PDF Document
2.23National Center for Technological Literacy
2.24Great Plains STEM Education Center
2.25Articulation Agreements (Supporting Documents) PDF Document
2.26Dakota Nursing Program
2.27Osmon Fieldhouse
2.28Division of Business and Information Technology
2.29Learning Center
2.30Allen Memorial Library
2.31Student Senate
2.32Student Center
3.1Growth Plan 2007 (Physical Resource Room)
3.2Foundation Office
3.3Strategic Plan - VCSU 2015
3.5Success II Report (Physical Resource Room)
3.8School of Education and Graduate Studies
3.9Fine Arts
3.91Business and Information Technology
4.001North Dakota University System (NDUS)
4.002State Board of Higher Education (SBHE)
4.003NDUS Mission and Vision Statements
4.004SBHE Minutes - February 1990 PDF Document
4.005Mission Statement - V100.4
4.006Vision Statement
4.007Institutional Improvement Committee (IIC) minutes - February 2003 (Physical Resource Room) PDF Document
4.008Catalog 2004-2006
4.009University Purposes
4.010Core Values - Graduate Programs
4.011Vital Links (Physical Resource Room) PDF Document
4.014Mission Documents
4.015Catalog 2010-2012
4.016Directory - Employee
4.017Policy Manual
4.018Alumni Bulletin
4.019Teacher Education Handbook
4.020Student Teaching Handbook
4.021Student Handbook
4.022Strategic Plan - VCSU 2015 PDF Document
4.023Learning Center
4.024Great Plains STEM Education Center
4.025Prairie Waters Education and Research Center
4.026Census Data - 2008 PDF Document
4.027Campus Climate with Respect to Diversity PDF Document
4.028Noel-Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory
4.029Information Technology Center
4.030Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences Program
4.031SBHE Policy 400 Index
4.032NDUS Chancellor
4.033Administrative Designations of Responsibility - V307.1
4.034Academic Affairs Council
4.035Student Affairs Council
4.036Administrative Affairs Council
4.037NDUS Councils
4.038Student Senate
4.039Staff Senate Constitution (V202)
4.040Faculty Association Constitution (V201)
4.041Committee Structure Policy (V302.4.1)
4.042Policy on Policy - V100.1
4.043VCSU Homepage
4.044Employee Handbook
4.045Employee Code of Conduct (V308.1)
4.046Reporting and Investigating Theft and Fraud - V611.14
4.047Tuition Rates
4.048Refund Policy
4.049Business Office
4.050Room and Board Contract
4.052Registrar's Office
4.053Academic Integrity - V530.1
4.054Sexual Harassment Policy - V603.1.1
4.055Student Bill of Rights - V530.2
4.056Campus Security Policy - V916
4.057Tobacco Free Campus - V917
4.058Campus Crime Statistics
4.059Student Code of Conduct (V520.1)
4.060University Hearings and Appeals Board - V530.4
4.061Enrollment Services
4.062National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA)
4.063Association of Independent Institutions (AII)
4.064SBHE Policy 1901.2 - Computing Facilities
4.065SBHE Policy 1902 - Emergency Notification Systems
4.066SBHE Policy Manual
4.067Century Code (North Dakota)
4.068Academic Freedom and Tenure Policy - V605.1; SBHE 605.1
4.069SBHE Policy 605.2 - Standing Committee on Faculty Rights
4.070SBHE Policy 605.3 - Nonrenewal, Termination or Dismissal of Faculty
4.071SHBE Policy 605.4 - Hearings and Appeals
4.072SBHE Policy 605.5 - Mediation
4.073SBHE Policy 612 - Faculty Grievances
4.074Equal Access/Equal Opportunity Statement
4.075NDUS Policy 4 - New Employee Probationary Period
4.076NDUS Human Resources Policy Manual
4.077NDUS Human Resources Policy Manual - Section 27
4.078NDUS Human Resources Policy Manual - Section 28
4.079Hostile Work Environment Policy - V603.1.2
4.080Workplace Violence Policy - V603.1.3
4.081Incident Reporting Form (V603.1.1, 603.1.2, 603.1.3) PDF Document
4.082Criminal Record Check Policy (V602.3)
4.083NDUS Policy 1901.1 - Risk Management Contact
4.084Facilities Services
4.086SBHE Policy 600 Index
4.087SBHE Policy 611.10 - Employee Responsibility and Activities Theft and Fraud
4.088Identity Theft Prevention Program
4.089ITC Security Incident Response Policy - V1901.5
4.090Electronic Financial Transactions Policy and Procedures - V802.7
4.091Guidelines for Protecting Sensitive Data - V802.7.1
4.092Use of University Property - V802.6
4.093Hotline Newsletter
5.01NDUS Strategic Plan
5.02Growth Plan 2007 (Physical Resource Room)
5.03Strategic Plan - VCSU 2015
5.042001 Self Study Report PDF Document
5.05Master of Education Degree
5.06Great Plains STEM Education Center
5.07Technology Education Program
5.08Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences Program
5.09Dakota Nursing Program
5.10Prairie Waters Education and Research Center
5.11Employee Services
5.13Foundation Office
5.14Teacher Education Program
5.15Business and Information Technology
5.16Chemistry program
5.17Learning Center
6.01School of Education and Graduate Studies
6.03LEAP (Liberal Education and America's Promise)
6.04Assessment of Student Learning PDF Document
6.05Catalog 2000-2002
6.06General Education Ability Map Excel Document
6.08Catalog 2010-2012
6.09Strategic Plan - VCSU 2015 PDF Document
6.10Mission Statement
6.11Annual Program Updates - Spring 2011 (Supporting Documents) PDF Document
6.12Graduate Programs
6.13Core Values - Graduate Programs
6.14National Board of Professional Teaching Standards
6.15Teaching and Technology Program
6.16National Education Technology Standards
6.17International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)
6.18Technology Education Program
6.19Library and Information Technologies Program
6.20American Association of School Librarians
6.21Teaching English Language Learners
6.22Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
6.23Terminal Degrees, Tenure and Promotion - V605.1
6.24Graduate Policies and Procedures - V400.1
6.25Faculty Evaluation Policy - V605.1.2
6.26Tenure Procedures Policy - V605.1.1
6.27SBHE Policy 605.1 - Academic Freedom and Tenure
6.28Enrollment Services
6.29Vision Statement
6.30Viking Ambassadors
6.31Student Academic Services
6.32Noel-Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory
6.33Counseling Services
6.34North Dakota Higher Education Consortium for Substance Abuse Prevention
6.35Health Services
6.36Inter-Residence Hall Council
6.37Student Center
6.38Student Senate
6.39Viking Campus Activities Board (VCAB)
6.40Career Services
6.41Division of Business and Information Technology
6.42Division of Communication Arts and Social Sciences
6.43Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences Program
6.44Business Administration Program
6.45Professional Communication Program
6.46Human Services Program
6.47Academic Affairs Office
6.48Prior Learning Assessment
6.49Allen Memorial Library
6.50Information Technology Center
6.51Learning Center
6.52Teacher Education Program
6.53Valley City Area Teacher Center
6.54South East Education Cooperative
6.55Help Desk - VCSU
6.56NDUS Help Desk
6.57ND Interactive Video Network (IVN)
6.58VCSU Homepage
6.59North Dakota State Board of Higher Education
7.01SBHE Policy 400 Index
7.02SBHE Policy 600 Index
7.03Policy on Policy - V100.1
7.04Strategic Plan - VCSU 2015
7.05Hotline Newsletter
8.01North Dakota University System (NDUS)
8.02Mission Statement
8.03Mission Documents
8.04Master of Education Degree
8.05Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences Program
8.06Prairie Waters Education and Research Center
8.07Dakota Nursing Program
8.08Noel-Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory
8.09Noel-Levitz Employee Satisfaction Survey
8.10Foundation Office
8.11Scholarship Auction
8.12Student Services
8.13Quarterly Report
8.14Strategic Plan - VCSU 2015 PDF Document
8.15Growth Plan 2007 (Physical Resource Room) PDF Document
8.16Music Program
8.17English Language Learners Endorsement
8.18Library Science Minor
8.19Elementary Education Program
8.20Biology Program
8.21Health Sciences Program
8.22Great Plains STEM Education Center
8.23Library and Information Technologies Program
8.24North Dakota Library Association
8.25Academic Affairs Council
8.26Teacher Education Program
8.27Division of Business and Information Technology
8.28SAP University Alliance
8.29America's SAP User's Group (ASUG)
8.30Career Services
8.31Business Administration Program
8.32Computer Information Systems Program
8.33Professional Communication Program
8.34Psychology Program
8.35Human Services Program
8.36NDUS Procedure 402.3.2 - Delivery of Dual-Credit College Courses
8.37Extended Learning @ VCSU
8.38North Dakota State Board of Higher Education
8.39General Education Requirement Transfer Agreement (GERTA)
8.40SBHE Policy 403.7 - Common Gen. Ed. Requirement and Transfer of Gen. Ed. Credits
8.41SBHE Policy 400 Index
8.42NDUS Procedure 404 - Collaborative Student Procedure
8.43Articulation Agreements PDF Document
8.46Medicine Wheel Park
8.47Spanish Day
8.48Business and Information Technology Day
8.49Community Music Programs
8.50Student Center
8.51Allen Memorial Library
8.52Osmon Fieldhouse
8.53Community School of the Arts