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Chapter Four

4.001North Dakota University System (NDUS)
4.002State Board of Higher Education (SBHE)
4.003NDUS Mission and Vision Statements
4.004SBHE Minutes - February 1990 PDF Document
4.005Mission Statement - V100.4
4.006Vision Statement
4.007Institutional Improvement Committee (IIC) minutes - February 2003 (Physical Resource Room) PDF Document
4.008Catalog 2004-2006
4.009University Purposes
4.010Core Values - Graduate Programs
4.011Vital Links (Physical Resource Room) PDF Document
4.014Mission Documents
4.015Catalog 2010-2012
4.016Directory - Employee
4.017Policy Manual
4.018Alumni Bulletin
4.019Teacher Education Handbook
4.020Student Teaching Handbook
4.021Student Handbook
4.022Strategic Plan - VCSU 2015 PDF Document
4.023Learning Center
4.024Great Plains STEM Education Center
4.025Prairie Waters Education and Research Center
4.026Census Data - 2008 PDF Document
4.027Campus Climate with Respect to Diversity PDF Document
4.028Noel-Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory
4.029Information Technology Center
4.030Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences Program
4.031SBHE Policy 400 Index
4.032NDUS Chancellor
4.033Administrative Designations of Responsibility - V307.1
4.034Academic Affairs Council
4.035Student Affairs Council
4.036Administrative Affairs Council
4.037NDUS Councils
4.038Student Senate
4.039Staff Senate Constitution (V202)
4.040Faculty Association Constitution (V201)
4.041Committee Structure Policy (V302.4.1)
4.042Policy on Policy - V100.1
4.043VCSU Homepage
4.044Employee Handbook
4.045Employee Code of Conduct (V308.1)
4.046Reporting and Investigating Theft and Fraud - V611.14
4.047Tuition Rates
4.048Refund Policy
4.049Business Office
4.050Room and Board Contract
4.052Registrar's Office
4.053Academic Integrity - V530.1
4.054Sexual Harassment Policy - V603.1.1
4.055Student Bill of Rights - V530.2
4.056Campus Security Policy - V916
4.057Tobacco Free Campus - V917
4.058Campus Crime Statistics
4.059Student Code of Conduct (V520.1)
4.060University Hearings and Appeals Board - V530.4
4.061Enrollment Services
4.062National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA)
4.063Association of Independent Institutions (AII)
4.064SBHE Policy 1901.2 - Computing Facilities
4.065SBHE Policy 1902 - Emergency Notification Systems
4.066SBHE Policy Manual
4.067Century Code (North Dakota)
4.068Academic Freedom and Tenure Policy - V605.1; SBHE 605.1
4.069SBHE Policy 605.2 - Standing Committee on Faculty Rights
4.070SBHE Policy 605.3 - Nonrenewal, Termination or Dismissal of Faculty
4.071SHBE Policy 605.4 - Hearings and Appeals
4.072SBHE Policy 605.5 - Mediation
4.073SBHE Policy 612 - Faculty Grievances
4.074Equal Access/Equal Opportunity Statement
4.075NDUS Policy 4 - New Employee Probationary Period
4.076NDUS Human Resources Policy Manual
4.077NDUS Human Resources Policy Manual - Section 27
4.078NDUS Human Resources Policy Manual - Section 28
4.079Hostile Work Environment Policy - V603.1.2
4.080Workplace Violence Policy - V603.1.3
4.081Incident Reporting Form (V603.1.1, 603.1.2, 603.1.3) PDF Document
4.082Criminal Record Check Policy (V602.3)
4.083NDUS Policy 1901.1 - Risk Management Contact
4.084Facilities Services
4.086SBHE Policy 600 Index
4.087SBHE Policy 611.10 - Employee Responsibility and Activities Theft and Fraud
4.088Identity Theft Prevention Program
4.089ITC Security Incident Response Policy - V1901.5
4.090Electronic Financial Transactions Policy and Procedures - V802.7
4.091Guidelines for Protecting Sensitive Data - V802.7.1
4.092Use of University Property - V802.6
4.093Hotline Newsletter