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Chapter Six

6.01School of Education and Graduate Studies
6.03LEAP (Liberal Education and America's Promise)
6.04Assessment of Student Learning PDF Document
6.05Catalog 2000-2002
6.06General Education Ability Map Excel Document
6.08Catalog 2010-2012
6.09Strategic Plan - VCSU 2015 PDF Document
6.10Mission Statement
6.11Annual Program Updates - Spring 2011 (Supporting Documents) PDF Document
6.12Graduate Programs
6.13Core Values - Graduate Programs
6.14National Board of Professional Teaching Standards
6.15Teaching and Technology Program
6.16National Education Technology Standards
6.17International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)
6.18Technology Education Program
6.19Library and Information Technologies Program
6.20American Association of School Librarians
6.21Teaching English Language Learners
6.22Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
6.23Terminal Degrees, Tenure and Promotion - V605.1
6.24Graduate Policies and Procedures - V400.1
6.25Faculty Evaluation Policy - V605.1.2
6.26Tenure Procedures Policy - V605.1.1
6.27SBHE Policy 605.1 - Academic Freedom and Tenure
6.28Enrollment Services
6.29Vision Statement
6.30Viking Ambassadors
6.31Student Academic Services
6.32Noel-Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory
6.33Counseling Services
6.34North Dakota Higher Education Consortium for Substance Abuse Prevention
6.35Health Services
6.36Inter-Residence Hall Council
6.37Student Center
6.38Student Senate
6.39Viking Campus Activities Board (VCAB)
6.40Career Services
6.41Division of Business and Information Technology
6.42Division of Communication Arts and Social Sciences
6.43Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences Program
6.44Business Administration Program
6.45Professional Communication Program
6.46Human Services Program
6.47Academic Affairs Office
6.48Prior Learning Assessment
6.49Allen Memorial Library
6.50Information Technology Center
6.51Learning Center
6.52Teacher Education Program
6.53Valley City Area Teacher Center
6.54South East Education Cooperative
6.55Help Desk - VCSU
6.56NDUS Help Desk
6.57ND Interactive Video Network (IVN)
6.58VCSU Homepage
6.59North Dakota State Board of Higher Education