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Summer 2015 Payment

All balances must be paid in full on or before June 17th, 2015. Credit card (Discover, MasterCard, Visa) or eCheck payments can be made online at Campus Connection by clicking on Student Center > Pay Online Now. Cash or check payments can be made in the Business Office.

Most student financial aid (grants, loans, scholarships, etc.) will directly credit the student's account. If your financial aid does not cover the full amount of your account, you are responsible for the balance by the due date. If unable to pay your account in full, payment plans are available. To enroll please submit the Payment Plan Enrollment Form along with a $25 enrollment fee and a minimum $200 payment. If you account is not paid in full or a Payment Plan Enrollment Form is not submitted, your enrollment will be cancelled including network services and room & board at the current withdrawal rate.

Summer Financial Aid Disbursal

Financial aid disbursement will begin June 15th, 2015. VCSU uses 'financial aid crediting' to deliver financial aid to students. If you are receiving any Grants, Perkins Loans, Internal Scholarships, and/or Stafford Loans, they will automatically credit your account. Financial aid in excess of the amount you owe is disbursed by check or direct deposit. Checks may be picked up at the VCSU Business Office or mailed to you upon request beginning June 15th, 2015 at 10:00 am.

Third Party Payments

If your account will be paid by a third party, the third party must submit an authorization to the Business Office by the due date.