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Tuition waivers are applied toward student tuition charges based on an enrollment of 12 face to face credit hours in a semester. If a student is enrolled for less than 12 face to face credit hours, the waiver award will be prorated based on the number of credits. For example, a student is awarded $1,000 tuition waiver per semester, the student enrolls for 11 credits – he/she will receive 11/12 or $916 of the $1,000 waiver.
Listed Below are the Student Tuition Waivers

Student Tuition Waivers are not applicable to online courses.

Cultural Diversity Waivers

Recognizing the educational benefit of a culturally diverse student population, Valley City State University administers a tuition waiver program. Special emphasis of this program is to recruit, assist, and retain enrolled members of federally recognized American Indian tribes and Alaska Natives and Villages, and graduates of tribally controlled community colleges in North Dakota.

International Tuition Waivers

Valley City State University is pleased to provide students from around the world the opportunity to apply for International Student Tuition Waivers.