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NDUS Policy 830.1 All tuition and fees payable by a student shall be paid within the fee payment dates designated by the institution which must be within the first 12 school days of the term. An authorized institutional official may grant an extension if the student is expected to receive financial aid or is participating in an approved plan providing for delayed payment or payments over time or in case of hardship or other good cause.

Note: VCSU's approved plan is completion of a payment plan enrollment form with a $25 application fee and a minimum $200 payment by the due date. Without an approved plan, enrollment may be cancelled for nonpayment. The appeal is for reinstatement after enrollment has been cancelled for nonpayment.

NDUS Policy 830.2 Any student who withdraws during the term for reasons beyond the student's control may request waiver of the tuition and fee refund schedule. The chief financial officer (or designated representative) is authorized to determine, consistent with applicable federal law, the amount of the refund in such cases.

In order to assist the Vice President for Business Affairs to arrive at an equitable and just decision, the petitioner should present all pertinent information in a clear and precise manner and return the appeal form to the Business Office.