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Welcome to the Valley City State University Purchasing Card Program. The purchasing card is meant to replace the current purchase order or voucher (request for payment) process for applicable purchases. This manual is designed to present the framework for participation in the program. It contains the hands-on detail that VCSU management and individual cardholders need to know to make the program work effectively. The VCSU Purchasing Card Administrator will be responsible for administering the purchasing card program. The VCSU Purchasing Card Administrator is Erica Buchholz at 845-7235.

The purchasing card program delegates the authority and capability of purchasing low dollar items directly to designated cardholders, allowing them to purchase goods and services faster and easier than before. The basic program authorizes the use of a purchasing card for individual transactions up to and including $1,000. Exceptions may be made on an individual basis after consultation with the supervisor.

Use of the purchasing card does not exempt VCSU or its employees from the purchasing/procurement requirements of the State of North Dakota and VCSU policy.

Commonly Asked Purchasing Card Questions

Tips to Avoid Sales Tax being Charged and Business Accounts

Helpful Hints

What is a Purchasing Card?

What are the Benefits of a Purchasing Card?

Cardholder Credit Rating

Cardholder Responsibilities

Credits, Returns and Disputed Items

Supervisor Responsibilities

Purchasing Card Security

Failure to Comply with Program Guidelines

Termination of Employment or Transfer to Other Division

Key Contacts