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The Mission of Career Services is:
  • To assist students in deciding upon an appropriate major - through assessments, individual meetings, job shadows, campus events and
  • To prepare the graduates of Valley City State University through classes, events, meetings, information, networks and resources to successfully search for a meaningful career position
Career Services Vision Statement
Valley City State University Graduates are equipped with the tools, skills and networks necessary to conduct, both traditionally and technologically, effective job searches and compete in a global marketplace and be the "sought after graduates" of employers.

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Focus 2

Online Career and Educational Planning System

Career Readiness - great starting point
Self Assessment - 5 assessments available
Explore the Possibilities - explore occupations
Your Career Portfolio - summarizes results

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Career Information

  • Campus visits/sessions by school districts, businesses
  • Field trips to various cities, businesses, special events
  • Information on specific careers
  • Interest assessments
  • Media that explores career opportunities and job search techniques including interviewing and job hunting
  • Numerous career-related books and magazines
  • Special assistance for Deciding Students
  • Work with all new freshmen through Learning to Live presentation

Educational Information

  • Graduate School information
  • Miscellaneous resource publications
  • Test information for graduate school, medical school, law school, optometry school, etc.
  • College catalogs from area states

Employment Opportunities

  • Professional level job opportunities - local, state, and nationwide
  • Summer job opportunities - local, state, and nationwide
  • On-campus employment - student assistant and work-study

Additional Services for Graduating Seniors

  • Assistance in resume writing, interviewing skills, and letter writing
  • Career Fairs
  • On-campus seminars
  • Regional and national listing of job openings in both teaching and non-teaching professions
  • Senior Seminar classes

Students Interested In:

  • Career Information
  • Graduate School
  • Internships
  • Job Shadows
  • Off-campus jobs
  • On-campus jobs
  • Professional employment
  • Spot jobs
  • Summer jobs
  • Volunteering
should contact Career Services.
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