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The idea behind internships is to give students an opportunity to apply their education in a real-world work environment. For Greg Innocent, a senior studying Professional Communications at Valley City State University, his internship was an experience he'll never forget!

"Interning for a United States Senator was an extraordinary experience," said Greg. "I was very fortunate to intern for an office that was unlike any other in its arena. Influenced by a great leader, the integrity of strong leadership trickled down to the staff. I was able to pick the brains of the senator's senior staff members and learn how to function and succeed as a United States Senate employee."

Upon graduating from VCSU in May 2009, Greg accepted a full time position in Senator Dorgan's office in DC as the Front Office and Tour Coordinator.

A Unforgettable Experience

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My internship in Representative Earl Pomeroy's Washington, D.C. office was an unbelievable experience. I interned from August 8, 2010 until November 29, 2010. My internship was full of unforgettable experiences from personally meeting North Dakota's Washington, D.C. delegation of Congressman Earl Pomeroy and Senators Byron Dorgan and Kent Conrad to getting a Capital Dome tour to meeting House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, to visiting the White House. Outside of the internship, I was able to live in exciting city such as Washington, D.C. which is full of incredible historical buildings, free museums, and so much more.

Over the course of the internship, I was considered an employee in the office and was assigned numerous responsibilities. These responsibilities included answering phones, sorting office mail and constituent mail, compiling clips for the Press Secretary, legislative research, giving tours of the Capital, and other miscellaneous office assignments. Each day brought different responsibilities. The internship provided me with valuable professional experience and connected me with individuals that will be useful contacts when I am searching for a job after graduation. I have learned so much, and I am very thankful for the opportunity I was given to work in Congressman Pomeroy's office. I would recommend this internship to anyone no matter what you major, as this opportunity will provide skills that can be used throughout the professional world, not just in government.