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Internship with Target

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My internship experience all started while attending a job seminar at Valley City State University. Target was one of the many companies that was visiting that day and I was interested in learning more about the company and whether it would be a good place for me to work. After sitting in on Target's Company presentation, I gained more interest and definitely saw myself working at a Target store. Towards the end of the presentation the Store Manager from Fargo said that she was looking for interns for the summer. I jumped at the opportunity and handed her my resume. I later applied for the internship online and after three separate interviews, I received the paid internship.

My internship took place at the Fargo Target store. The internship was packed into 10 weeks, which meant I was going to be learning store procedures at a very fast pace. I was specifically working with the Human Resource Dept. where I learned a lot about creating a great work place, attending to team members work and personal needs, state and company work policies, to name a few. Aside from working with the HR Department, I was also trained in every area of the store which covered cashier duties, customer service desk, soft lines, hard lines, back room, overnight logistics, food avenue and assets protections. Target prepares all of their managers to be able to help out in any part of the store; this is why it was important for me to also know how to work in different areas of the store.

Throughout the internship, many of the managers would ask me where my ideal city to work would be and I would respond with Tucson, AZ, my home town. The managers also explained that Target chooses its interns not only for the internship, but they look for specific applicants who will be a good fit for a managing position with Target. After the internship is completed, depending on how the intern performed throughout the internship, Target offers a position to their interns. One week after my internship was completed, I received a call from the Human Resources Business Partner in Arizona and I was offered a position as a manager in Tucson, AZ and will be starting my training in June 2013. Attending the job seminar at VCSU really paid off.