Matthew Bultema

Interned at Doosan/Bobcat in Fargo/West Fargo, ND
Senior majoring in Computer Information Systems
Expected graduation: May 2017

Doosan/Bobcat Internship

1. How did you find your internship position?
Doosan Human Resources (Corrie Mayer) contacted the CIS department chair (Susan Pfeifer and Jamie Paurus). The information was passed on to me.

Why did you decide to do this internship?
I knew that the Doosan/Bobcat internship would be great experience for me and would also help me in finding a job after college.

What were your responsibilities?
I was in charge of ordering parts, fixing laptops, protecting data, and replacing old machines. While I worked at Doosan/Bobcat I was also put in charge of making sure we had enough inventory to roll out technology to the newly remodeled areas of the building.

4. What was your favorite part of the internship experience?
Getting to work with so many different people and having different issues each day.

In what way has your VCSU experience prepared you for this internship?
During my freshman year, I took a computer hardware class. That class has helped me many times during my internship, as the whole class was related to what I was doing at work. VCSU has also taught me about time management and balancing different workloads at a time.

6. How do you feel this internship has helped prepare you for your career?
This internship has introduced me to the IT aspect of the computer world. Prior to this internship, all of my experience in fixing technology was just from family and friends, and were usually pretty easy fixes.

7. What advice would you offer to a student completing an internship?
Always keep an open mind. Some days you will have no idea what is coming at you and you will not know a solution to the problem. Do not be afraid to spend a little extra time researching the problem. It is better to take a little extra time rather than to have to redo the project because it was wrong.

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