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Living a Fantasy

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The idea behind internships is to give students an opportunity to apply their education in a real-world work environment. For Annie Klingenberg, a sophomore studying Business Administration at Valley City State University, her internship sometimes seemed like a fairytale!

Annie was selected for the Walt Disney World College Program, a one-of-a kind internship program that gives participants the opportunity to work in a variety of roles at Disney resorts and theme parks. The program is a fun and interesting opportunity for participants to develop their communication skills, problem-solving skills and work on their confidence and self-reliance. Applicants who are selected for the program are exceptional, ambitious students who have a genuine enthusiasm for the professional future and who love to make people smile. In addition to the experience gained from working at the resort/park, student interns also have the opportunity to meet Disney leaders and network so they may be able to gain a clearer understanding of what they want to do with their future.

"I liked a lot of things about the program," said Annie, "but what I liked most was the diversity of people - - both customers and co workers. I worked with people from all over the world - - Brazil, Puerto Rico, Australia, England - - these became awesome new friends! The experience of working in a business environment of a major corporation is also great to have on my resume."

She thinks her internship helped her define her career goals and gave her further motivation to finish school. "Every student who has this type of opportunity to definitely do it!" said Annie.