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Dani Matthews

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In October 2005, I accepted an internship with Cavendish Farms in Jamestown, ND in the Finance Department. I was completing my education and was able to work full time to cover for one of the employees who was on leave. Once she returned to work, there was not a position available that I could fill, so I decided to move to Fargo and work in my Dad's business in sales.

In July 2006, I received a call from my supervisor at Cavendish Farms informing me about a position that they needed to fill in Prince Edward Island that she thought would be a good fit for me. I sent my resume in and one month later they called and offered me the 4-6 month position with movement within the company after that. I moved to Prince Edward Island in October 2006 to fill the accounting supervisor position while they searched for the right person to fill the position. I spent 5 months in Prince Edward Island and have done the work of two people for the past month, along with helping train the new coworkers that are hired into the department.

I have proven to the company what I am capable of doing and they have opened many new opportunities for me. I am still employed with Cavendish Farms and hope to return to the ND plant and make an impact there - soon. Overall, completing my internship was an experience that I would never take back. It has helped me climb the corporate ladder very quickly and offered me positions I never thought would be available to me 6 months after my graduation from Valley City State University.