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Business Administration Department
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Digital Design (Certificate of Completion)

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The digital design core provides a basic background in artistic design principles and an opportunity for expression in both traditional and computer based mediums. The curriculum consists of a unique blend of coursework from the Art Department and the Business and Information Technology Division at VCSU. This course of study does not require general education coursework.

Note: A Certificate of Completion can stand alone as a short program of study, or it can complement a university degree program. The certificate may serve as a way to advance your career or to simply provide an opportunity to learn something new. For some students, it is a positive, non-threatening first step toward obtaining a college degree. For students already pursuing a degree, it is a unique way to add a distinguishing qualification to the VCSU transcript. Regardless of your intention related to a possible degree program, the digital design certificate of completion is clearly noted on the VCSU transcript along with any majors and minors completed.
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