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Human capital is a core competency of businesses today. Hence, strategic human resource management is essential to all firms to remain competitive. The Human Resources Management Concentration prepares graduates for employment with the skills needed for analysis of the core areas within human resource development, ethics, compensation and benefits, corporate training, employment planning, communication and interviewing,and organizational behavior to give the student a broad understanding of the field. The curriculum seeks to provide a comprehensive understanding of human behavior and the skills necessary to function as a human resource professional.
Business internships are available for students who lack previous employment experience. The Division offers students a variety of non-traditional learning experiences. Students may earn credit in an internship program that provides supervised training in regional areas.
  • Program Contact

    For specific questions about the content of the courses or the nature of the program.
    Brenda Finger
    Associate Professor / Department of Business Chair
    Email: brenda.finger@vcsu.edu
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  • Enrollment Services Representative

    For all general questions, especially for students new to VCSU.
    Jessica ODay
    Email: jessica.oday@vcsu.edu
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