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The Art Department assists each student in maximizing their creative potential, building a strong work ethic, developing the professional skill set for their chosen direction, and becoming a lifelong creative learner. The VCSU art program curriculum is strongly influenced by the North Dakota Visual Art Content Standards, National Schools of Art and Design Standards, and NCATE and ESPB Standards.

Art is definitely an area where small size has advantages. The VCSU art department offers flexibility for each student to pursue his or her chosen direction in art or art education. The department is small enough to allow significant one-on-one interaction between faculty and students. Primary Faculty have MFA degrees in their area of research and are nationally known practicing artists. Linda Whitney, department chair, has received the North Dakota Governor's Award for the Arts, an Arts Midwest Grant, an Interdisciplinary Arts Minnesota Fellowship, and a North Dakota Council on the Arts Fellowship.

Note: The art minor is an excellent way to expand one's global perspective and to develop a secondary area of expertise. This minor alone does not completely fulfill the requirements for a university degree. The student must also complete a major and other requirements. If this minor is of particular interest, you may want to pursue the major in art offered at VCSU.

  • Program Contact

    For specific questions about the content of the courses or the nature of the program.
    Armando Ramos
    Assistant Professor / Chair Department of Art
    Email: armando.ramos@vcsu.edu
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  • Enrollment Services Representative

    For all general questions, especially for students new to VCSU.
    Sarah Rhyan
    Email: s.rhyan@vcsu.edu
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