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The student seeking a Physical Education minor is required to pass a proficiency test in swimming. The test is given during the final exam week of each semester. Courses include: Concepts of Biology, Introduction to Physical Education, First Aid and CPR, Physical Education in the Elementary Grades, Instruction and Organization of Individual/Dual Activities , Instruction and Organization of Team Activities, Adapted Physical Education, Methods, Curriculum, & Assessment of Health & Physical Education, Practical Application of Methodology in the Health & Physical Education Classroom and Senior Portfolio.

This minor alone does not completely fulfill the requirements for a university degree. The student must also complete a major and other requirements. If this minor is of particular interest, you may want to pursue the major in Physical Education.
  • Program Contact

    For specific questions about the content of the courses or the nature of the program.
    Diane Burr
    Professor/Department Chair
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  • Enrollment Services Representative

    For all general questions, especially for students new to VCSU.
    Kaleen Peterson
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