Section 200

V201 Constitution of the Valley City State University Faculty Association (2019)
Article I Name
Article II Purpose
Article III Membership
Article IV Meetings
Article V Officers
Article VI Qualifications, Nomination, and Election of Officers
Article VII Faculty Senate
Article VIII Curriculum Committee
Article IX Graduate Council
Article X Faculty Advocacy Committee
Article XI General Education Council
Article XII Standing Committee on Faculty Rights
Article XIII Teacher Education Committee
Article XIV Council of College Faculties
Article XV Election of General Education Council Delegates
Article XVI Constitutional Review Committee
Article XVII University Promotion and Tenure Committee
XVIII Other Committees
XIX Amendment Procedures
XX Ratification
XXI Academic Units
Article I Other Membership
Article II Annual Reports of Standing Committees

Section 202

V202 Staff Senate Constitution (2019)
Article I Name
Article II Mission
Article III Membership
Article IV Officers
Article V Bylaws
Article VI Amendments to the Constitution