Section 800
Section 802 [Accounting and Auditing]
Section 803 [Purchasing]

V803 VCSU Purchasing and Inventory Procedures (2014)
803.1 [Purchasing]
803.2 [Emergency Purchasing]
803.4 [Purchasing Cards]
803.5 [Surplus Property]

Section 804 [Equipment and Personal Property Leases]

804.1 [Tax Exempt Bond Issues and Lease Purchase Financing]

Section 805 [Tuition and Fees]

805.1 [Tuition]
805.1.4 [Negotiated Course or Program Fees]
805.2 [Student Activity Fees]
805.3 [Fees]
805.3.1 [Distance Learning Courses]
805.6 [Room and Board Charges]

Section 806 [Entertainment and Moving Expense Allowances]

806.1 [Payment or Reimbursement of Meals and Other Travel or Institutional Expenses]
806.2 [Staff and Faculty Recruitment Expenses]
V806.02.01 Staff and Faculty Recruitment Expenses (2014)
V806.02.02 Honoraria Expenses (2010)
806.3 [Moving Expenses]

Section 807 Mobile Phones and Other Mobile Computing Devices

807.1 [Mobile Phones and Other Mobile Computing Devices; Restrictions on Use of State Phones]

Section 809 [Gift Funds]
Section 810 [Deposit of Funds; Investments; Endowment and Gift Funds]
Section 820 [Tuition Waivers/ Tuition Assistance]
Section 830 [Credit, Refunds and Repayments]

830.1 [Student Payment Policy]
830.2 [Refund Policy]

Section 840 [Contract Review]