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NDUS 305.1 (excerpted) provides that each president shall:
  • Establish a process for adoption and implementation of institution policies and procedures that includes: (1) the president's approval before a policy takes effect; and (2) authority for the president to adopt interim policies and procedures concerning matters for which legislative authority is delegated to campus legislative bodies.
Pursuant to this statement, the Policy on University Policy establishes rules governing the creation, removal and emendation of VCSU policies.


To assist in the coordination, development and oversight of VCSU Policies and to ensure that the VCSU Policy Manual is complete and current. This policy brings with it a formal process for achieving its purpose.
  • The President of the university is responsible for university policies and the university policy manual. No policy may take effect without the approval of the President. Policies must be consistent with those of the State Board of Higher Education and, in the case of conflict, are superseded by SBHE policy.
  • The President shall establish the University Policy Committee (UPC). The president delegates leadership responsibility for university policies to the UPC. The charge of the committee is, first and foremost, to act at the direction of the president as a consulting body in the development and maintenance of VCSU policies. To this end, the UPC shall (a) establish and maintain a process for annual review of university policies, (b) continually monitor and respond to relevant policy changes from the State Board of Higher Education that may impact university policy, and (c) to receive policy proposals from university personnel for consideration and, if appropriate, development and recommendation to the president. It is expected that the committee will develop any proposed revisions to university policies in consultation with other relevant officers or entities before submission to the president. The President may also initiate policy changes in any area consistent with SBHE policy, and will ordinarily confer with the UPC prior to implementing any change.
  • Per NDUS policy, the President may adopt interim policies and procedures as needed. When interim policies and procedures fall within the defined scope of authority of the faculty, staff, or student senates, the President shall notify both the UPC and the respective body of the interim policy or procedure prior to or at the time it takes effect. If the President wishes to enact the interim policy or procedure, the President shall present the interim policy or procedure to the UPC and appropriate legislative body for review not later than six months from its effective date or other time specified in university procedures. The legislative body shall decide, subject to the president's approval or veto, whether the policy or procedure should be adopted, revised, or discontinued.
  • Voting members of the UPC shall include:
    • Vice President for Academic Affairs (Chair)
    • Vice President for Business Affairs
    • Vice President for Student Affairs
    • Three Staff Representatives
    • Vice President of the Faculty Association
    • One Faculty Representative from each academic division
  • Faculty and Staff representatives shall serve for three-year terms.
  • In case a UPC member is unable to attend a formal meeting, the respective administrator, division or staff senate may assign a designee to attend in that member's place.
  • In addition to those procedures noted below, specific operating procedures (forms, meeting dates and times, timelines, first- and second-reading procedures, etc.) shall be established by the UPC.


  • A meeting of the UPC must be called at least once each month by the Chair (VPAA).
  • The committee Chair (VPAA) assembles and presents the agenda to the UPC. The agenda shall contain items brought to the committee from any constituents: faculty, staff, students, administration. Every effort shall be made to present agenda items to UPC members at least one week prior to meetings.
  • In consultation with the University President and the UPC, the Chair shall prioritize agenda items for consideration.
  • The Vice President for Academic Affairs shall, as needed, request divisional representation from each academic division and request staff representation through contacting the Staff Senate.
  • Administrative Assistant support for the UPC shall be provided by the Office of the President.

University Policy Committee (UPC) VCSU Process Policy Revision and New Policy Process

  • Agenda items to UPC including changes to existing or proposed policies should be presented to the committee chair, the Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA), one week prior to the next scheduled meeting whenever possible. Exceptions may be allowed with chair approval.
  • Agenda and meeting materials will be available to committee members through the electronic meeting calendar and on the XDrive/OrgFolder/UnivPolicyCommittee.
  • A policy approved at the appropriate levels should be forwarded with approving signatures to UPC for recommendation to the president of the university.
  • A policy that has been seen by UPC before approval at various appropriate levels should be sent to UPC in the final form with approving signatures so that UPC can make recommendation to the president of the university.
  • The UPC Chair will forward committee recommendations regarding policies to the president of the university.
  • With approval from the president of the university, the president's assistant will publish new/revised policy in the printed VCSU Policy Manual and to the electronic VCSU Policy Manual. Policy review and revision dates will be added to existing policies. Sponsoring body and effective date will be listed on new policy.
  • Per university president approval, the president's assistant will inform VCSU employees of new/revised policies through VCSU email message.
  • The Vice President for Student Affairs will determine relevance of approved policy to the student body and will forward when appropriate.

VCSU Policy Proposal Cover Sheet 2009

New Policy Template

Sponsor: Vice President for Academic Affairs
Approved by President: October 2007
Revised: March 2010