• North Dakota State Fleet vehicles may be used by University employees for official business. When on official business, University employees are not permitted to carry passengers who have no official reason to participate in the authorized or approved trip.
  • Requests for the use of State Fleet vehicles are cleared through the Facilities Services Office. A schedule of vehicle assignments is available on the campus hard drive. No University employee is authorized to use a State Fleet vehicle unless his or her name is on the approved weekly assignment list or unless specific arrangements have been made with Facilities Services office.
  • Prior to requesting the use of a State Fleet vehicle, the employee should have on file the appropriate documents. These might include a field trip request form, an out-of-state travel authorization form, a report of faculty absence form, or student request for state vehicle form.
  • Keys issued at checkout include vehicle and garage keys.
  • When checking out a vehicle at the university garage, the employee should be sure the necessary information is completed for both the sign-out and sign-in process. Please report any vehicle problems to the Garage (3-7351), the Facilities Services Office (3-7705).
  • Each vehicle has a North Dakota State Fleet Services Regulations manual. Please refer to the manual if you have any questions.
  • A Voyage credit card is issued, along with the vehicle, for use in purchasing gas at ND Department of Transportation facilities. Individuals will also need an employee credit card which can be obtained from the University Business Office. Each state vehicle is issued a vehicle credit card which can be used to purchase gasoline, oil, and other miscellaneous items from commercial stations. Only use commercial stations if a NDDOT district office is not near, or the vehicle needs other items. Before purchasing fuel at commercial stations, drivers should verify that the station will accept the state credit card. PIN numbers for all state fleet vehicles is 10+ the last four vehicle numbers, in addition before fueling enter the current odometer reading. If you are traveling to Canada , let Facilities Services know in your request. Voyager cards do not work in Canada, the office will issue a different card for your trip.
  • Each state vehicle should have its own purchase order book. A purchase order should be used only when a large amount of work is done. These purchases must be authorized by the shop foreman in the district in which you are located. If a driver has mechanical problems, he or she should call the district shop. The shop foreman will then make a decision on what is to be done. If repairs are needed after shop hours, the individual must make his or her own decision.
  • Reporting of vehicle accidents is important for insurance purposes. Vehicle accidents should always be investigated by the proper police authorities. Normally call the Highway Patrol first and sheriff's department or city policy second. Notify Facilities Services office (3-7705) about the accident and complete form SFN-51301.
  • Employees are cautioned about the use of State Fleet vehicles for unauthorized travel. When attending meetings, workshops, etc. sponsored by an outside agency and where mileage reimbursement is available to a University employee, employees are urged to use private vehicles.

    When a State Fleet vehicle is used for official business which qualified the employee for mileage reimbursement, the reimbursement must be returned to the University Business Office.
  • Increase in the cost of gasoline as well as state policy require that car pooling and ride-sharing to and from destinations for official business be accomplished whenever possible. Therefore, University employees may expect to be asked to share rides with other employees.
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Reviewed: Winter 1996
Reviewed: Winter 2003-04