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  • Faculty Tenure & Promotion
  • AA-4 Annual Faculty Report (V605.10)
  • AA-5 Divisional Committee Recommendation Form (Faculty Tenure & Promotion) (V605.1.1)
  • AA-6 Self-Assessment Form (Faculty Tenure & Promotion) (V605.1.1)
  • AA-7 Faculty Tenure Recommendation (V605.1)
  • AA-25 Cover Sheet for Faculty Evaluation Forms (V702.2)
  • AA-27a Faculty Self-Evaluation (V605.1.2)
  • AA-27b First Year Faculty Evaluation: Professional Development Plan (V605.1.2)
  • AA-45 Notice of Degree Completion/Automatic Promotion in Rank (V605.1.1, V702.4)
  • AA-28a Divisional Evaluation Form (Non-Tenured Faculty) (V605.1.2)
  • AA-28b Divisional Evaluation Form (Non-Tenured Faculty) (V605.1.2)
  • AA-29 Report on Part Time Faculty (V605.1.2)
  • Hiring Appointments
  • AA-26 Academic Vacancy Notice (V601.4)
  • AA-32 Appointment Memorandum: Divisional Recommendations (V601.4)
  • AA-33 Appointment Memorandum: Recommendation of Vice President for Academic Affairs and the President of the University (V604.1)
  • Stage Forms
  • AA-11a Stage I Request: Programs under Consideration for Development (SBHE 403.1)
  • AA-11b Academic Affairs Formal Request: Stage II Cover Page (SBHE 403.1)
  • AA-11c Stage II Budget Sheets (SBHE 403.1)
  • Other Forms
  • AA-2 Application for Travel Authorization (V706.3) see Academic Professional Development in Blackboard
  • AA-3 Report of Faculty Absence (V611.12)
  • AA-8 Academic and Scholastic Standing Committee Petition (V514)
  • AA-9 New Course/Course Revision Request (V403.1)
  • AA-9b New Course/Course Proposal Outline (V403.1)
  • AA-10 Summary of Curriculum Requests
  • AA-12 New Program Form (Local Action Only) (V403.1)
  • AA-12R Program Review Form
  • AA-14 Bachelor of University Studies Degree Plan Proposal (V470)
  • AA-15 Leave Without Pay (Application Form) (V701.1)
  • AA-16 Leave Without Pay (Recommendation Form) (V701.1)
  • AA-22 Field Trip Request Form (V460)
  • AA-31 Special Course Approval Form (V461)
  • AA-34 Request for Experiential Credit Form (V403.6)
  • AA-35 Grade Change Form (V512)
  • AA-35i Incomplete Grade Contract Form
  • AA-36 Student Request for Change in Final Exam Schedule
  • AA-37 Faculty Request for Change in Final Exam Schedule
  • AA-38 Faculty Check-Out Procedure (V620)
  • AA-42 Course Outline/Syllabus-VCSU
  • AA-44 Academic Integrity Dishonesty
  • AA-49 Dual Credit Course Alignment Agreement (NDUS 402.3.2)
  • AA-60 Graduate Application for Independent Study (G V9.3.1)
  • Course Outline
  • Program Review Template
Sponsor: Vice President for Academic Affairs
Revised: May 2010
Revised: January 2012