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Section 200
  • V201 Constitution of the Valley City State University Faculty Association (2016)
  • Article I Name
  • Article II Purpose
  • Article III Membership
  • Article IV Meetings
  • Article V Organization of Officers
  • Article VI Qualifications, Nomination, and Election of Officers
  • Article VII Faculty Senate
  • Article VIII Curriculum Committee
  • Article IX Welfare Committee
  • Article X Budget and Salary Committee
  • Article XI Special Review Committee
  • Article XII Standing Committee on Faculty Rights
  • Article XIII Teacher Education Committee
  • Article XIV Council of College Faculties
  • Article XV Other Committees
  • Article XVI Amendment Procedure
  • Article XVII Ratification
  • By-Laws
  • Article I Other Membership
  • Article II Annual Reports of Standing Committees
Section 202
  • V202 Staff Senate Constitution (2013)
  • Article I Name
  • Article II Purpose
  • Article III Members
  • Article IV Group Elections
  • Article V Staff Personnel Advisory Committee Elections