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Policies and procedures affecting political campaigning or other forms of advocacy on campus are based on the following assumptions:
  • That the campus of an institution of higher education should be a free and open forum for the expression of ideas and opinions concerning any and all aspects of human thought, and whether or not such ideas and opinions are matters of controversy;
  • That discussion and debate should be conducted courteously, in good taste, and with scrupulous regard for the right of all parties to be heard;
  • That controversial subjects may, and should, be discussed in classes, as appropriate to the subject of that course, but that in all events, the academic objectivity of scholarship and teaching must be preserved;
  • That active participation of students in the political process is encouraged, consistent with the purpose of the University to develop informed and active citizens; and5. That the political, religious and ideological neutrality of the University, as a public institution of higher education, be scrupulously preserved.
Accordingly, the following rules and guidelines will be observed.
  • Political posters or other advocacy materials my be placed on any University bulletin boards where general information materials are normally posted. These bulletin boards are located in the lower level of McFarland Hall - one in the circular hallway between Vangstad and McFarland, and one near the Business Department; and in the Main Lobby of the Student Center. Such materials shall not be placed on bulletin board in the University offices or classrooms, or upon notice-boards set aside for specific purposes. Courtesy should be observed in connection with the size of posters, the amount of space occupied, and the time that materials are left in place. Persons posting materials are responsible for their removal after they have served their purpose. The removal of materials posted by other persons, without the knowledge and consent of those persons, is improper.
  • Handbills may be distributed on the campus, in the public areas of campus buildings, or placed for self-distribution in the several locations where the Viking news is distributed. Persons distributing handbills shall take reasonable care to ensure that campus litter resulting from such distribution is minimized.
  • Posters or handbills shall not be affixed to walls, either external or internal, nor shall they be placed on trees or poles or fastened to takes in campus lawns.
  • Individual residence hall councils may make reasonable rules concerning the time, place and manner in which political campaigning and advocacy activities shall take place in the particular residence halls, within the general provisions of these rules and guidelines.
  • Political campaigning or advocacy materials shall not be distributed through campus mail or in campus mailboxes unless they are the announcement of an activity or event sponsored by a recognized campus organization, or unless they are sent through the U.S. Mail with proper postage attached.
  • In no case will advocacy materials be permitted on the campus which contain vulgarity, unwarranted or unreasonable attacks upon the character of individuals, or contain statements which violate the public law.
  • Handbills may be distributed outside the gates at any athletic contest or other public event. They shall not be distributed inside the admission gates of Lokken Field, Osmon Arena, Graichen Gymnasium, Vangstad Hall or Froemke Auditorium; except that persons distributing handbills may take shelter in entryways during inclement weather.
Sponsored by: President
Effective: 1984
Reviewed: Winter, 1996