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Members of the Curriculum Committee serve an integral part of managing curriculum development.  Members oversee the development of new programs, changes within the program, determine how these changes affect other programs, and ensure the resources are available to implement the changes. Each member of Curriculum will read the requested changes, review its impact on the University, and respond to departmental request for changes. The following is the policy of the Curriculum Committee to ensure quality of programs as well as efficient and effective use of resources.

Curriculum changes at Valley City State University are initiated and approved within the Constitution of the Faculty Association. The Curriculum Committee, a Faculty Association committee, is responsible for continued evaluation of the academic requirements of the University.

The Curriculum Committee receives requests for curriculum changes from the department chair, or a faculty member with the department chair’s approval.  A brief, written description of requested changes, including a rationale for the request and impact on the department and other departments will be submitted to the Chair of the Curriculum Committee within five business days prior to next scheduled meeting. Either the department chair, or said faculty member with chair’s approval, will attend a curriculum meeting to present the request.

If the Curriculum Committee approves the request, the department chair, or designee, will fill out the appropriate forms.  All completed forms will be submitted to the Chair of the Curriculum Committee five business days prior to the next scheduled meeting.

After the second reading, and if proposed changes are approved, the forms will be forwarded to Senate for final approval. Recommendations receiving a unanimous vote from the Faculty Senate are forwarded to the President of the University for formal implementation or submission to the Board of Higher Education. In regards to Graduate School curriculum changes, the Graduate Council will send a representative to the Curriculum Committee to inform committee members of changes in the graduate program that impact undergraduate curriculum.

The Curriculum Committee Chair will send a summary of proposed changes to APAC during the last week of each month Curriculum meets.

Sponsored by: Curriculum Committee
Revised: Fall, 1990
Reviewed: Winter, 1996
Revised:  March 2015