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Workshops are courses offered over a short period of time, normally scheduled to eliminate conflict with regularly scheduled offerings, under the purview of the Center for Customized Learning. Workshops may or may not carry academic credit. The fee charged may be adjusted from the regular tuition by the Center for Customized Learning. A Workshop Information form (AA-17-2004) must be filed with the Center for Customized Learning prior to advertising the workshop. Approval of the Vice President for Academic Affairs is required.

Special Topics Courses (x99)

Special Topics Courses are intended to provide an opportunity to offer classes in academic areas not covered in the regular course offerings of the University, in order to extend student learning and to try out a course before requesting curricular changes. These courses are numbered 199, 299, 399, or 499 and are placed in the course schedule by the division or department chair responsible, in accordance with deadlines set by the Registrar for timely publication of the course schedule each semester

Independent Study Courses (x94)

Independent Study courses may be used to further a student's competence in subject matter areas. These courses are numbered 194, 294, 394, 494, and require the completion and approval of the Independent Study form (AA-31-2004) before the student is registered in the course. Forms are available on the H: drive in the Academic Affairs Office Public Folder.

Sponsored by: Curriculum Committee
Reviewed: Winter 1996
Revised: Winter 2004