The mission of Allen Memorial Library is to support and enhance the academic programs of Valley City State University by providing the customized learning and teaching resources needed by the students, faculty, and staff. The library staff is dedicated to assisting its patrons in developing information literacy skills in order to locate, evaluate and use information effectively.

Library Hours

The library building is open during the academic year:

7:45 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. Monday-Thursday
7:45 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Friday
6:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. Sunday
(Hours are subject to change when classes are not in session.)


Allen Memorial Library is staffed by two professional librarians, three full time paraprofessionals, two part time employees, and more than ten student employees.

Director's Office, phone: 845-7275
Information Desk, phone: 845-7277
Allen Memorial Library web site:
Circulation Department email address:
Fax number: 1-701-845-7437

Library Resources

The Valley City State University Library is a member of the statewide library consortium, ODIN [Online Dakota Information Network] which cooperatively purchases library resources and shares an online union catalog.

The VCSU library collection contains over 180,000 items, including over 95,000 books, 15,000 digital electronic books, and 69,000 physical-format newspapers, periodicals, videos, CD's, CD-ROM's, DVD's, and other types of media. The library also subscribes to more than 35 online databases that include full text and abstracts of journal articles, online books, newspapers, and other electronic documents.

The VCSU library web pages are customized to facilitate ease of use and contain pages with links to resources pertinent to each academic division on campus as well as links to specific resources types including journals, books, government documents and reference materials. Patrons are encouraged to contact a reference librarian if they are having difficulty accessing online resources from on campus or remote locations.

It is the responsibility of the library user to comply with federal copyright laws when copying or reproducing any information sources. Please ask the professional librarian for additional information on copyright policy.

Interlibrary Loan

Learning resources not available at the VCSU library can be requested from other libraries. Interlibrary loan service is available to faculty, staff, and students at no charge, when requests are made following approved procedures. With a valid library ID card, interlibrary loan requests can be made online or in person. Please ask a librarian for assistance in completing interlibrary loan requests.


There are several classes of items available at the Allen Memorial Library including overnight use, two-hour reserve, three day and four-week loans. Most items are available on a four-week loan basis. Fines are charged for overdue items. Items not returned or claimed lost are billed for cost plus a re-processing fee. Unpaid fines and bills are recorded at the Business Office of Valley City State University.

Student Teachers
To provide adequate access to teaching resources, many items are available to student teachers on a semester-long basis. However, materials requested by other patrons are subject to recall if they have been checked out for longer than four weeks. Please ask a reference librarian for an extended due date if you plan to use an item for longer than the four week period and you are student teaching out-of-town. Fines are charged for overdue items. Items not returned or claimed lost are billed for cost plus a re-processing fee. Unpaid fines and bills are recorded at the Business Office of Valley City State University.

Most of the library resources are available to VCSU staff and faculty on a semester-long basis. However, materials requested by other patrons are subject to recall if they have been checked out for longer than four weeks. At the end of the semester, faculty and staff will receive a list of materials checked out in their name and will be asked to return those items not currently being used. Items may be renewed at this time for an additional academic term. In order to best serve the entire learning community, faculty and staff are strongly encouraged to return learning resources on a timely basis so that they will be available for use by others.

If material checked out to a faculty member is lost, replacement costs will be recouped by the division or taken from the division's library allocation. The Division Chair will determine whether the item should be replaced.

Faculty should not loan items directly to students or to other third parties as it is the responsibility of individual faculty or staff member to return the material. Faculty is encouraged to place print materials on reserve at the library for use by other staff and/or students. The library also subscribes to an electronic reserves application which allows faculty to make course reserves available electronically for retrieval online by students. A reference librarian will assist faculty in setting up a course reserve account.

Librarians at Allen Memorial Library welcome the opportunity to assist faculty in locating learning resources for classroom use, as well as materials needed for personal research. Faculty is encouraged to design assignments which facilitate information literacy skills as librarians are dedicated to providing instruction in both a classroom atmosphere and at point-of-need.

Community Members
Although the mission of the Valley City State University Library is to serve the information needs of the university's faculty, staff and students, resources are also available to Valley City community members who hold a valid library card. Most items are available on a four-week loan basis to community patrons. Fines are charged for overdue items. Items not returned or claimed lost are billed for cost plus a re-processing fee. Patrons with outstanding fines or bills will not be allowed to check out additional materials until the account is settled.

Confidentiality of Library Records

.Information about other library users and their information needs is confidential according to North Dakota state law. North Dakota Century Code , Section 40-38-12 , states:
'Any record maintained or received by a library receiving public funds, which provides a library patron's name or information sufficient to identify a patron together with the subject about which the patron requested information, is considered private and is excepted from the public records disclosure requirements of section 44-04-18. These records may be released when required pursuant to a court order or a subpoena.'

Purchase of Library Materials

Library Committee members will act as liaisons for each division, providing collection development ideas and suggestions for purchase, act as a contact for chair approval of budgets and requests and assist in the development of library policy.

Faculty suggestions for purchase of resources related to academic programs are given first priority. Faculty is asked to provide as much bibliographic information as possible about an item suggested for purchase, including the unique ISBN [International Standard Book Number] identification number and a publisher name or ordering source for the item. This not only facilitates ordering of the item, but assures accuracy. Requests should also receive a priority code to ensure most needed items are ordered first.

A portion of the annual library budget will be allocated for the purchase of resources related to each academic area of study. The procedure for determining the allocations is as follows:
1. Using a form provided by the library director, each Division Chair may submit a request based on the number of enrolled students, number of faculty members in the division, programs offered, and special requests for new or expanding programs.

2. Requests are considered by the Library Director and, if necessary, by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

3. Allocations are made based on requests and funds available.

After suggestions for purchase have been received and cataloged, the requestor will be notified that the item(s) are available for check out.

Requested items valued over $150.00 will be ordered on approval and, upon receipt of the item, the requesting faculty member will be contacted and asked to personally review and approve the item for purchase.

A current acquisition list will be available from the library web site.

Gifts to the Library

The library accepts gifts of material and equipment that meet the library's collection development policy and reserves the right to offer items to faculty and students which are not selected for addition to the collection.

Location of the Library's Learning Resources

Circulation and Reserve Desk
Books, media, periodicals, paperbacks, reserve materials, and some viewing and listening equipment are checked out from and returned to the Circulation Desk. Items on reserve are also located at the Circulation Desk. Ask for assistance.

Library users who have questions or need help are encouraged to ask at the Information Desk. Computer workstations are available for accessing the online catalog and other electronic library resources. A multimedia workstation with a flatbed scanner, color printer and video-dubbing equipment is available in this area as is a microform reader/printer and current issues of newspapers and general interest magazines.

Reference Room
The Reference Room, which accommodates a quiet reading and study area also contains ready reference materials, indexes and the North Dakota Collection.

North Dakota Collection
Books related to North Dakota are located in free-standing book stacks in the Reference Room. This unique collection contains a growing number of resources related to (but not limited to) information items about Valley City , Valley City State University , and the surrounding area. A 'Germans from Russia ' section within the North Dakota Collection is currently under development. North Dakota government documents and vertical file materials are shelved in the North Dakota aisle of the main floor stacks next to the Reference Room.

Curriculum Library
A unique and impressive model K-12 school library, the Curriculum Library, is located in the lower level of the building. It is designed for use by pre-service and in-service teachers and school library media specialists. It offers a wealth of K-12 instructional materials, professional development resources and juvenile fiction and non-fiction books, encyclopedias and dictionaries, picture books and media resources including video recordings, DVDs, games, models, kits, and software. Allen Memorial Library and Valley City State University cooperate with the Southeast Regional Teacher Center and the South Central Education Consortium to provide shared resources and office space adjoining the Curriculum Library.

Government Documents
Allen Memorial Library is a selective (partial) depository of United States government documents. Books with long-term usefulness are interfiled with the general book collection and important periodicals added to the periodicals collection. Access to electronic government documents is made available through library web site links and other print materials are housed in a government documents collection located in the lower level.

Library Classroom & Student Lounge
Areas for group study, a classroom and a student lounge, are located on second floor of the library building. The classroom can be scheduled for formal instruction or used as an informal group study area. The student lounge is air conditioned, features vending machines, a microwave and a large screen television along with a DVD and VHS player. Members of the Valley City State University community are encouraged to use this room for meetings and group study. Both or these rooms, as well as most of the library facility, have wireless access to the Internet.

Woiwode Collection
Correspondence, manuscripts, books, papers, and artifacts belonging to Larry A. Woiwode and his family are housed in the Everett C. and Audrey Johnson Woiwode Memorial Room on the second floor of the library. The bulk of this collection has been inventoried and is open to serious researchers with the permission of Larry Woiwode.

Book Stacks
The Library has four floors of book stacks. Entry is either from the library's first floor lobby or from the Reference Room. Book stacks are arranged by subject according to the Dewey Decimal Classification System.

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