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Textbook Adoptions

To provide the best possible service for our students, the bookstore and faculty must work together. Returning text adoptions in a timely manner is critical to best meeting the needs of our students. Adoption forms for Spring Semester will be sent out in early October each year, and will be due at the end of October. Forms will be sent out in early March for Fall Semester, with return requested by the end of March.

While it may not always be possible to meet these deadlines, it is extremely important to get the forms returned to the bookstore as soon as possible. The bookstore is unable to purchase used books back from the students if the book has not been adopted for the upcoming term. The students may still be able to sell these books to a wholesale book company, but generally receive a fraction of what they would have received from the bookstore if the book had been readopted.

The number of used books available to bookstores from these wholesalers is also limited. The likelihood of finding used books drastically decreases with the passing of each week. With textbook prices on the rise, used books are becoming increasingly attractive to students. Used books offer a 25 percent savings versus the new book price, which can amount to a substantial savings with escalating text book prices.

Desk Copies

Desk Copies need to be ordered directly from the publisher by faculty or their assistants. Requests from bookstores for desk copies are not accepted from bookstores. In most cases, the bookstore can provide with contact information for a publisher if it cannot be located. Desk copies should be ordered early, so it is not necessary to borrow a copy from the bookstore. A borrowed book may leave a student waiting for a copy of the text, and has little value to the bookstore when returned after students have purchased textbooks.

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Reviewed: Winter 1996
Reviewed: Fall 2004
Number Change: October 2010 (formerly V481)