A. Credit

Valley City State University operates an academic calendar on the semester system. One semester hour of credit represents one academic hour of class instruction or two or more academic hours of laboratory work per week for a period of fifteen weeks or the equivalent.

B. Grade Point Average

The grade point average is determined by calculating the total number of grade points earned and dividing by the number of credit hours in which a letter grade of A, B, C, D, or F was received. Other letter grades such as I, S, U, AU and W carry no grade point value and are not included in the calculation of the grade point average.

C. Grading and Grade Point System

Grades are reported in letter symbols. Each grade carries a value in grade points per credit hour. The system used is as follows:
Grade Significance Grade Points
A Excellent 4.00
B Good 3.00
C Average 2.00
D Passing 1.00
F Failure 0.00
I Incomplete 0.00
S Satisfactory 0.00
U Unsatisfactory 0.00
AW Audit 0.00
W Withdraw 0.00
D. Incompletes

The grade of incomplete may be negotiated with an instructor when the student has failed to meet a specific and important requirement in the course but has in other respects done passing work for the semester. The grade of incomplete must be removed during the regular (Fall or Spring) semester following the term in which it was reported (Form AA-35-2004) . If the deficiency is not made up within the specified time, the incomplete will revert to the grade earned at the time the incomplete was negotiated.

E. S-U Grades

A limited number of courses are graded on a satisfactory-unsatisfactory basis. No grade points are assigned.

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