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At the beginning of each semester, every freshman student participates in the Learning to Live, Living to Learn program, a one-credit course. The purposes of this program are (1) to orient the student to the university; (2) to help him/her examine educational goals and objectives; (3) to develop team skills; (4) to develop conflict resolution skills; (5) to involve students in community projects and service learning. The course is conducted in small groups (14-18 students) which meet weekly. A faculty member serves as the instructor for each group and is assisted by upper-level students who serve as mentors for the new students.

The program of academic advising is coordinated through the Office of Student Academic Services. Each student is assigned an adviser from the appropriate academic program area. The student is required to meet with the adviser at least once per semester to receive assistance with class scheduling.

The adviser helps the student interpret academic requirements and regulations, establish educational goals, and determine course schedules. The student has the primary responsibility for meeting all appropriate academic requirements.

When a student applies for admission to Valley City State University, an advisement folder is established containing general information, advises worksheets, ACT Profile, and any other pertinent information. This folder is passed along to the assigned adviser. The adviser, in consultation with the advisee, adds or changes information as the student progresses academically. A student may request a change of adviser at any time. Any change is processed in the Office of Student Academic Services.

Sponsored by: Vice President for Academic Affairs
Effective: Fall, 1990
Reviewed: Winter, 1996
Revised Number: February 2010