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Students at Valley City State University are free to organize and join associations to promote their common interests. Student organizations wishing to be affiliated with Valley City State University must form and operate in compliance with university policy. The following is a guide pertaining to the formation and operation of student organizations.

I. Student Organization Recognition Procedure

a. Persons seeking to form a recognized student organization should contact the Vice President for Student Affairs for information and instructions on how to proceed.

b. Any new group wishing to organize must file an Intent to Organize Form with the Vice President for Student Affairs. The Vice President for Student Affairs may grant pending status to groups awaiting formal recognition, allowing the following privileges:
  • temporary right to reserve university facilities.
  • temporary right to publicize meetings.
c. Within 30 days of completing the Intent to Organize, the group must submit ten copies of its constitution and the name of faculty or staff adviser to the President of the Student Senate.

d. The Student Senate will review the constitution and will vote to determine if the group shall be recognized.

e. Once an organization has been recognized it must maintain that status by registering with the Student Senate within the first thirty days of Fall Quarter each academic year.
  • Registration is completed by presenting to the President of the Student Senate:
  • a. a current copy of the organization constitution.
  • b. a roster of active members.
  • c. the name of an adviser.
II. Rights of Recognized Student Organizations

a. Recognized organizations are entitled to the following rights:
  • register with the Student Senate during the first 30 days of each Fall Quarter.
  • notify the Student Senate of any change in name, constitution, or adviser of the group.
  • comply with all applicable laws and university policies and regulations.
  • report periodically to the Student Senate, outlining the activities and accomplishments of the group.
  • monitor the academic progress of the members, and require a minimum of a 2.00 cumulative GPA for all officers of the organization.
Student organizations in violation of university rules are subject to the same sanctions as are individual students according to The Student Code of Conduct. Included are suspension or revocation of recognition. Procedures for the handling of disciplinary cases are outlined in The Student Code of Conduct.

Sponsored by: Vice President for Student Affairs
Reviewed: Winter 1996
Reviewed: Fall 2004
Revised Number: February 2010