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Section 600
Section 601 [Recruitment]
Section 602 [Appointments]
Section 603 [Non-Discrimination]
Section 604 [Performance Evaluations]
604.1 [Performance Evaluations: Presidents]
604.2 [Performance Evaluation: Chancellor]
604.3 [Performance Evaluations: Benefitted Employees]
V604..03.01 Faculty Excellence Award (2016)
Section 605 [Faculty]
Section 606 [Classification]
  • 606.1 [Classification - Higher Education Employees]
Section 607 [General]
Section 608 [Employment Contracts]
  • 608.2 [NDUS Employees--Non-Renewals and Dismissals]
  • 608.3 [Professional Staff Compensation]
Section 609 [Communications Proficiency]
Section 610 [Oath for Teachers]
Section 611 [Employee Responsibility and Activities]

611.1 [Employee Responsibility & Activities: Medical Service Plan-UND Medical School]

611.2 [Employee Responsibility and Activities: Intellectual Property]

V611.02 Employee Responsibility and Activities: Intellectual Property (2016)

611.4 [Employee Responsibility and Activities: Conflict of Interest]

611.5 [Employee Resp. and Activities: Outside Employ. or Consulting Practices; Use of Institution Property]

V611.05 External Professional Activities (2012)

611.6 [Employee Responsibility and Activities: Confidential Proprietary Information]

611.8 [Employee Responsibility and Activities: Research on Human Subjects]

V611.08 Establishment And Structure Of An Institutional Review Board (2010)

611.9 [Selection of Textbooks and Other Curricular Materials]

V611.09 Selection of Textbooks and Other Curricular Materials (2012)

611.10 [Employee Responsibility and Activities: Theft & Fraud]

V611.11 Holidays (2015)

V611.13 Viking Pride (2014)

V611.14 Reporting and Investigating Theft and Fraud (2009)

V611.16 Flexible Scheduling Policy (Flex Time-Staff) (2010)

Section 612 [Faculty Grievances]
Section 614 [Hazardous Substances Information Program]
Section 615 [Drug Free Workplace]
Section 616 [Career and Technical Program Instructor Certification Standards]
Section 620
Section 625