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A. The Number and Means of Appointment of Membership of the Standing Committee on Faculty Rights (SCOFR) (as required by State Board policy, Section 605.2) (See also Constitution of the Faculty Association, Article XII)
  • The Standing Committee on Faculty Rights at Valley City State University shall consist of five tenured faculty members elected for staggered five-year terms by the faculty, with the Fine Art, Communication Arts and Social Science, and the Education and Psychology Divisions electing members in odd numbered years, and the Mathematics, Science and Physical and Health Education Division and the Business Division electing representatives in the even numbered years. Annual elections will be held to fill vacancies at the first regular meeting of the Faculty Association in the fall of each year. Mid-term vacancies on the Committee will be filled by an election at the next regular Faculty Association meeting.
B. Duties of the Standing Committee on Faculty Rights are outlined in article XII of the VCSU Constitution.

C. Procedures for Hearings Before the Standing Committee on Faculty Rights.
  • 1. The Standing Committee on Faculty Rights will investigate any alleged violation of the Regulation on Academic Freedom, Tenure, and Due Process of the North Dakota Board of Higher Education involving termination, non-renewal or administrative sanctions as outlined in SBHE policy 605.3.
  • 2. The Standing Committee on Faculty Rights will also investigate any grievance. A grievance is defined as any complaint regarding conditions which may adversely affect the ability of faculty members to carry out their professional activities, when such complaints cannot be resolved by the faculty member through other channels. "Professional activities" include all functions and responsibilities that affect the ability of the faculty to pursue customary research, teaching, and instructional duties. Grievance does not include matters relating to termination or non-renewal according to the definition and procedures outlined in SBHE policy 605.3.
  • 3. The Standing Committee on Faculty Rights will follow procedures as defined in SBHE policy 605.4.
Sponsored by: President
Approved by the Faculty Senate: Spring 1984
Reviewed: Winter 1996
Revised by the Welfare Committee: Spring 2005
Revised by the President: Fall 2005
Revised: October 2007