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VCSU seeks to provide affordable and convenient access to computing resources, as appropriate to the needs of each position.

A network account shall be created for all employees. This account will provide access to enterprise applications, such as portal, e-mail, calendar, and intranet file storage.

Staff shall be issued a personal computer (desktop or portable computer) on a full-time basis, based on need and contingent on availability of computers.

Faculty teaching 6 or more credits will be issued a portable computer on a full-time basis. The portable computer shall be returned to the Help Desk immediately, if the teaching load of a faculty member falls below 6 credits. A division or department chair may request that a portable computer be issued full-time to a faculty member teaching less than 6 credits by sending e-mail to the CIO explaining the need at least three business days prior to the beginning of each semester that full-time access is desired. Computers issued to faculty teaching less than 6 credits will be based on need and availability of computers each semester.

Employees may check out portable computers, cameras, projectors, and other peripheral devices at the Help Desk for work related purposes.
Sponsored by: Chief Information Officer
Adopted: Fall 2004
Number Change: October 2010 (formerly 1902.1.2)