Statement for VCSU Viking Pride Day:

VCSU Viking Pride Day was created for the purpose of encouraging VCSU employees to dress in VCSU apparel in exchange for contributing to the Viking Pride Fund.. The requested contribution is one dollar, per person, for each Friday they participate. Dollars can be paid directly to the Business Office. Participants are encouraged to pay on a monthly or semester basis to avoid having to remember each week. Participation is optional, and employees should be aware that at times campus events occur on Fridays that dictate more formal attire.

Statement for VCSU Viking Pride Fund:

Viking Pride money will be used to fund acknowledgement of deaths, births, hospitalizations and long term illness. Money collected will be deposited in an account in the VCSU Business Office. The Assistant to the President will oversee the account with the Business Office supplying the assistant with account information. The assistant will be the contact person for Viking Pride Fund activity.
Identification of Viking Pride Fund Expenditures:

1) Memory Boxes

Memory boxes will be presented in the event of a death within the immediate family of any current VCSU employee. 'Immediate family' is defined as, the VCSU employee, the VCSU employee's spouse, or a child of the VCSU employee.

2) Flowers/Plants

A plant or flower arrangement will be sent upon the death of a retiree with 10 or more years of service to VCSU.

A plant or flower arrangement will be sent to current VCSU employees who are hospitalized or have an extended serious illness/injury (missing more than one week of work)

3) Gift Certificate

A $15 bookstore gift certificate will be sent to current VCSU employees for the birth/adoption of a child into his/her family.

4) Cards

Cards will be sent with occurrences listed above, and also in the event of: the death of a parent of a current VCSU employee, and the death of a retiree of less than 10 years service to VCSU. Marriages of faculty and staff will be recognized by an appropriate card.

Note: Cards should be signed in a manner to indicate they are presented by the Faculty and Staff of VCSU.

VCSU Viking Pride Day Responsibilities

Staff Senate:

-Provide an endorsement for VCSU Viking Pride Day
-Create a policy statement for Viking Pride Day
-Provide information to employees regarding Viking Pride Day

Assistant to the President:

-Oversee the Viking Pride Account
-Provide semi-annual statement of account activity to Faculty Senate and Staff Senate (Staff Senate recommendation, January 1 and July 1)
-Serve as contact person for notification of deaths, births, hospitalizations
-Send out any necessary cards
-Arrange for the purchase and delivery of flowers
-Arrange for bookstore gift certificates for births
-Present the memory box to the appropriate employee's department/division. That department/division will then present the memory box to the employee or his/her family.

Business Office:

-Receive dollars and deposit them into the VCSU Viking Pride Fund
-Provide account statements to the Assistant to the President

All Employees:

-Notify the Assistant to the President of any death, birth, long term illness/injury or hospital stay which requires action.

Approved by Staff Senate: August 2004
Approved by Faculty Senate: September 2004
Enacted on campus: September 2004
Revised: December 2006
Revised: September 2010
Revised: 2014