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1. All contracts entered into by Valley City State University, except standard form contracts and other documents previously reviewed, are required to be reviewed by legal counsel. Legal review and approval as to form and legal sufficiency must be noted on a contract or attachment and Valley City State University employees may not execute a contract without that approval. No payment may be made under a contract or contract amendment or extension prior to execution by an authorized institution officer.

2. Subject to required legal review, authority to approve and sign contracts or contract renewals for Valley City State University is delegated as follows:
  • The vice presidents for academic affairs, business affairs, and student affairs are authorized to sign any contract except employment contracts;
3. Delegation of contract signing authority does not extend to amendments or change orders to contracts for which signing authority is not delegated; authority to sign contract amendments and change orders rests with the officer or employee authorized to sign the contract being amended or changed.

4. The president is the appointing authority responsible for all hiring or termination decisions involving Valley City State University employees. A recommendation to hire an employee shall be forwarded to the president on a request to offer form. Salary increases, annual contract renewals, performance reviews and disciplinary actions, except dismissal for cause, shall be approved by the employee's supervisor or department head as provided by policy or other delegated authority.
Sponsored by: Vice President for Business Affairs
Approved: October 2005