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What is NotiFind?
NotiFind is the emergency notification system used by all 11 North Dakota University System colleges and universities to provide timely information and instructions directly to students, faculty, staff and others during emergencies or urgent situations.

Why is NotiFind being implemented?
Providing a safe campus environment is a top priority. Timely notification of events such as natural disasters and acts of violence will empower students, faculty and staff to take the appropriate steps to protect their safety. The NotiFind system also will be used to announce weather-related closings.

Who is included in NotiFind?
The State Board of Higher Education requires employee participation in NotiFind. Students are strongly encouraged to participate; students who choose not to participate may miss vitally important information in an emergency situation. Undergraduate and graduate students who are employed by the campus are required to participate.

How will it work?
NotiFind will use cell-based telephone and text messaging, land lines and e-mail to inform participants.

Will NotiFind be used only for emergencies?
NotiFind will be used only if a situation poses an urgent or immediate threat to health or safety or if a situation significantly disrupts campus activities, such as a weather-related closing.

Will the NotiFind system be tested?
To ensure continuity of operation, the NotiFind system will be tested at least once each semester. Participants will receive messages stating that this is a test of the NotiFind system. NotiFind messages will be easily identifiable by the sender. All phone messages will be sent from 701.328.0911 and all e-mail messages will be sent from


How will faculty and staff provide emergency notification information?
Faculty and staff will receive a letter, memo or e-mail directing them to a secure Web site where emergency notification contact information can be entered. Emails will come from

What information will employees be required to submit?
Employees will be required to provide campus phone numbers and e-mail addresses, which are considered public information under the state's open records law. Employees who have direct phone lines should provide their direct phone numbers. Employees also will be asked to provide personal phone numbers. This personal information, along with the home address, can be designated as private data - thus making it exempt from the state's open records law - by notifying the campus human resources office in writing or by checking the waive protection data box on the NotiFind Web site registration form.

How do I log in to enter my emergency notification information?
Employees can log-in to HRMS (Human Resource) Self-Service and change their information there. If you do not have a password, contact the NDUS Help Desk at 1-866-457-6387. In addition, employees can contact their human resources or payroll personnel and request assistance in changing their information.


Can employees of non-campus businesses and other entities located on campus sign-up for NotiFind?
Yes. Employees of other entities located on campus, such as dining services, are encouraged to participate in NotiFind. Campuses need to contact the NDUS NotiFind administrator for special import information.


How do students sign up?
Students will be asked to provide contact information on a form that will appear when they log into CampusConnection. CampusConnection will remind students to review their contact information every 90 days.

Why are student employees required to participate?
Student employees are required to participate in the notification process because of their campus responsibilities.

How do students sign-up to receive text messages?
All students who provide cell phone numbers will receive text messages. The NotiFind system automatically adds cell phone numbers to the text messaging database.

Is a student's cell phone number private?
Yes. Cell phone numbers and other information entered exclusively on the campus emergency notification information page are confidential information and will be used only for emergency notification purposes.

What if an instructor requires students to turn off cell phones during class?
If an instructor asks students to turn off cell phones during class, he or she must have a registered cell phone or other phone or other means for receiving emergency messages at all times when students are required to turn off their phones.

Will students who attend classes at more than one North Dakota University System college or university receive emergency messages from each campus they attend?
Yes. Students who attend classes at more than one campus can choose to receive NotiFind messages from each of them, up to a maximum of four campuses.

Can students choose not to participate in NotiFind?
Yes. Students, except student employees, can choose not to participate in NotiFind; however, by doing so, they run the risk of missing information that might be vital to their safety. Undergraduate and graduate student employees are required to participate in NotiFind because of their campus responsibilities.


Can parents sign-up to receive messages?
No. NotiFind will be used to communicate with those who are most likely to be on campus when an emergency occurs. Registration through CampusConnection requires a valid student, faculty or staff identification.

Where can parents get emergency information?
In the event of an emergency, information will be made available to parents and others via the VCSU website and the VSCU Student Safety webpage which are both open to public viewing.