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What Is Staff Senate?

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VCSU's Staff Senate was established to be a representative body of the broadbanded staff. The Senate strives to promote communication among administrators, faculty and staff employees. The Senate also informs and serves the broadbanded staff of Valley City State University through programming, service, and informational outreach. Senators are available for contact should any issue or need arise.

In addition to staff advocacy, Staff Senate organizes a number of events throughout the academic year, including the Employee Appreciation Banquet, highway cleanups, parade representation, and staff appreciation activities. Staff Senate also raises funds through Viking Pride participation to commemorate important life events within the VCSU community.

Viking Pride

VCSU Viking Pride Day was created for the purpose of encouraging VCSU employees to dress in VCSU apparel in exchange for contributing to the Viking Pride Fund. The requested contribution is one dollar, per person, for each Friday they participate. Dollars can be paid directly to the Business Office (see attached form below). Participants are encouraged to pay on a monthly or semester basis to avoid having to remember each week. Participation is optional, and employees should be aware that at times campus events occur on Fridays that dictate more formal attire.