Employee Tuition Waiver

The North Dakota State Board of Higher Education encourages its employees to pursue a program of continuing education. All employees employed on at least a half-time basis are eligible for tuition waivers as provided under SBHE Policy 820 and may be allowed release time from their regular duties for the purpose of enrolling in one academic class per school session. Release time shall be granted so long as it does not interfere with the essential work of the institution. The waiver is limited to no more than three academic classes per calendar year.

Spouse/Dependent Tuition Discount

The North Dakota State Board of Higher Education allows campuses to adopt tuition waivers which are consistent with an institution's mission. The spouse and dependent tuition discount is intended to help recruit and retain faculty and staff who can best perform or support the teaching, research, and public service mission of the University. The tuition discount is 50% of the tuition for VCSU classes (excluding self-supporting or Continuing Education courses) per spouse and/or dependent.

Policies and Forms