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Top of the line technology at your fingertips

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  • VCSU has been a laptop university since 1996, which means that each student has access to their own laptop computer, provided by VCSU.
  • Your computer comes fully equipped with the latest hardware and software available.
  • Free access to high-speed wireless internet anywhere on campus.
  • As a student at VCSU you will use all of these tools to enhance your learning and graduate with skills in technology that will help excel you in your career.
  • You will always have a working computer. VCSU's Technology Services office provides immediate replacement if your computer is in need of repairs.

$ Consider us your best investment $

  • VCSU is one of the best bargains available in higher education!
  • Nearly 80% of our students receive some form of scholarship or financial aid
  • VCSU stays friendly to transfer students by making sure that coursework completed at other institutions transfers to our degree programs wherever they can.
  • VCSU ranked above the national average in student satisfaction regarding tuition being a worthwhile investment (2008 Survey)

"The Difference is Me"

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  • Students who want to participate CAN participate!
  • With a wide variety of opportunities to get involved in, you are in the driver's seat of your college experience.
  • These activities include Viking athletics, intramural athletics, student government, theatre, choral and instrumental ensembles, and many more organizations.

Personal attention from top faculty

  • Our Student-faculty ratio is 13:1, among the best in the nation
  • You will get one-on-one access to the faculty in ways that are impossible at other universities
  • At VCSU you won't find any classes that are taught by Teaching Assistants - our professors will get to know you by name and have a genuine interest in your academic success.
  • Students at VCSU find their faculty advisors to be very knowledgeable about major requirements and also the content of their courses. (2008 Survey)

The community has it all

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  • Valley City is known for its scenic beauty and comprehensive amenities. The Scenic Byway, Lake Ashtabula, hunting, fishing, you name it, are all available either in-town or within a short drive.
  • Our safe and welcoming community consists of everything you'll need; two grocery stores, three pharmacies, movie theatre, bowling alley, many great restaurants, unique shopping and much more.
  • For the amenities of a larger city, Fargo (the largest city in the state) is less than one hour away!

Choose from a wide variety of academics

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  • Dozens of different majors, minors and certificates to choose from. These fields range from Business, Education, Psychology, Art, Math and Science
    • Our newly added majors include Music with an Emphasis in Business, Health Science, and Fisheries and Wildlife Science.
  • We have an online master's-level program in Education with concentrations in Library & Information Technologies, Technology Education, Teach and Technology and English Language Learners.
  • With so many different career fields to explore, you're bound to find the perfect path.

Enjoy your surroundings

  • Located on the banks of the Sheyenne River, Valley City is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and features beautifully restored historic buildings
  • Residence halls include many amenities, easy access to parking, and spacious, recently-remodeled apartment suites
  • VCSU offers facilities you won't find at most other campuses such as our own Planetarium and Medicine Wheel Park
  • It's a proven fact that our students are enjoying their surroundings- in a 2008 survey current students said that they had above average satisfaction when it came to enjoying their experience on campus. They also felt that they were experiencing significant personal growth while feeling "at home".

Real world experiences in and out of the classroom

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  • Ever wanted to perform in a garage band, conduct scientific research or study abroad? You will have a unique opportunity to enhance your learning and your future by getting involved.
  • With hands on experience around every corner there is something for everyone.

VCSU graduates have great job prospects

  • VCSU's placement rate is over 90%
  • Companies that hire VCSU grads consistently report very high levels of satisfaction!
  • Our Career Services office is available to help you start the job search and keep you on a straight path to success.