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Special Event Approval Form

Used by Third-Party groups, Political Subdivisions, and VCSU-Related groups that require special set-up.
A form that is completed for each special event. Forms are used to determine event risk/liability and special arrangements.
Special Event Approval Form

VCSU Department Event Approval Form

Used by VCSU Departments for small meetings, events that will not require liability insurance or special set-up.
VCSU Department Event Approval Form

Special Event Process Guide

This guide provides information on event types, facility rates, liability insurance, and the event reservation process.
Special Event Process Guide

Special Event Reservation Checklist

To help the Event Sponsor ensure they have everything they need to host a successful event at VCSU.

VCSU Camp Scheduling

Procedure manual intended to provide guidance to those involved in aspects of activities, camps, clinics and workshops held throughout summer.
Camp Scheduling

Facility Use Agreement (FUA)

An agreement signed by the Event Sponsor acknowledging the facility use terms and conditions. The Event Manager will ensure the FUA is filled out and signed prior to the event. There are several versions of the FUA- the Event Manager will determine which version is appropriate based on the event and the Event Sponsor.

Catering on Campus

VCSU contracts with Sodexo to provide excellent dining services on campus. They staff our cafeteria, the Viking I, and have many catering options. Their commitment is to customize menus for your occasion. From a formal dinner to meeting break refreshments, they’ll offer creative menus, elegant presentations, and thoughtful service to provide your guests with a memorable dining experience.

To plan your next event, or for further assistance, please contact Sodexo’s main office at 701-845-7130 or CLICK HERE to email.

CLICK HERE to visit the VCSU Dining website.

Follow-up Survey

A survey that is utilized by an Event Sponsor to provide feedback on their event and facility to Event Services. This information will help to improve the services provided and success of future events hosted on the VCSU campus.
Follow-up Survey