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State Fleet Vehicles


State Fleet/Motor Pool Training

Large Passenger (LP) Van Guidelines

VCSU State Fleet Operating Procedures

Vehicle Reservation Calendar

State Fleet Motor Pool Rates

Vehicle Rental Requirements (out-of-state)



  • All driver's must possess a valid driver's license.
  • Use of a state vehicle is strictly for state business.
  • Use of safety belts and other safety precautions is mandatory.
  • All accidents must be reported IMMEDIATELY to Facilities Services.
  • State vehicles can only be operated by state employees or approved students.
  • Drivers must obey all traffic laws.
  • operators are responsible for all traffic fines, etc. incurred while driving.
  • Transporting spouses, children, etc. is prohibited. Only state employees can ride in state fleet vehicles.
  • Smoking is prohibited in all vehicles.
  • Texting is prohibited in all state vehicles.

Vehicle Reservations

The Vehicle Request Form is available online.

Once the form is complete, it will automatically be forwarded to the Facilities Services email.

Vehicle reservations will be approved based on vehicle availability, purpose of travel, license validity, and supervisor approval.

Once the form is processed, you will receive an email confirming or declining your request to use a state vehicle.

Request for Volunteer or Student Driver

Procedures for a volunteer or student requesting to drive a state vehicle:
  • Instructor must indicate on the online "Vehicle Request Form" that a volunteer or student will be driving (students ARE NOT ALLOWED to drive anything larger than a minivan).
  • The "Request for Volunteer or Student Driver" form will be filled out by the employee or adviser of the travel and sent to the Facilities Services Office via campus mail to be submitted to State Fleet Services in Bismarck for driver approval. This form needs to be submitted AT LEAST 2 WEEKS PRIOR TO TRAVEL.
  • Once the approval status is received from State Fleet Services, the employee, adviser, and/or driver will be notified.
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