The renovation to 4th Floor McFarland has been an ongoing project since... The remodeling has included:
- Adding seven offices for the Education Department faculty. This included dividing room 426 into four of the seven offices. A new office for the campus counselor was also added to the 4th floor.
- Adding a fire escape leading up to the 4th floor. Construction on the fire escape was completed in the Fall of 2010 by Wick Construction.
- Ongoing renovation classroom 424 (details below).

Classroom 427 Remodel

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Construction on Classroom 424 has been underway since mid-December. The contractor in charge of the renovation is Richard O'Brien Construction. The estimated completion date for this project is January 14, 2011. Updates to this classroom include:
- new ceiling
- new sheet rock
- new carpet
- new lighting
- new whiteboard and projector

This classroom will be utilized by the Education Department when completed.