What is FAMIS?

The Facilities Asset Management System is used to track the costs and work required for routine and emergency repairs, renovations, and projects, preventative maintenance, building services, ground maintenance, and other building operations.

FAMIS, Discoverer, and Self-Service Logins

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You will need to enter your assigned username and password.
The database you will need to enter is ndfaprd.

(If you do not have access to "Discoverer Reports", please fill out the Discoverer Reports Access Form and turn it in to the Facilities Services Office. There will be minimal training required for you to access these reports.

The login process does require you to enter a "database". The database you will need to enter is ndfaprd.

FAMIS Self-Service is web access to our maintenance management software for the end-user that will allow the electronic entry of a service request whether it is general maintenance, request for an estimate, or department funded work. The user will also be able to query existing service requests to find detail information and status of the request, based on each individual user privilege determined by the requesting department.

To utilize Self-Service, please complete the Self-Service Access Request Form, and fax (3-7707) or mail to Facilities Services via campus mail. You will be required to attend training once access is granted. For further questions regarding this feature, please contact Facilities Services at 3-7710.


Training Manuals

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This page is for Facilities Services staff to gain access to the forms and links associated with FAMIS.

Assistant Director for Facilities Services
Patrick Horner

Assistant Director for Facilities Operations & Safety
Jessica Frerich