FAMIS: Self-Service

What do I need to do to get access?

  • Fill out the "Self-Service Request" form requesting access to the FAMIS Self-Service system and return to Facilities Services.
  • Watch for an email from Facilities Services Management for training dates and times.
  • Register for a session and come learn how to use FAMIS Self-Service.

Online Work Request System

Starting FY15, Facilities Services has implemented a new Facilities Management software program, called FAMIS. This new software assists in tracking the many facilities-specific activities, including work orders and with the new program, Facilities Services will be able to better track work orders and projects through one common system, improving efficiency and customer service.

Individuals outside of the Facilities Services department will still have the ability to enter and request a work order (now called a SERVICE REQUEST) online and at their convenience through FAMIS Self-Service.

Commonly Asked Questions

What will happen to the Blackboard work order system?

While we train the campus on how to use FAMIS Self-Service, the Blackboard system will remain active. Once FAMIS Self-Service is fully integrated the Blackboard system will be deactivated.

What if I still have an open work order in the Blackboard system?

All open work orders will either be closed in Blackboard or they will be transferred into FAMIS. You will NOT need to resubmit an open work order into FAMIS (Facilities Office staff will transfer them in to FAMIS).

Will I need a new login ID and password?

Your username will be the same username that you use to log in to your VCSU computer, email, etc. You will be able to choose your own password (and reset it if you forget it).

Will I still receive notifications?

Yes, you will receive notifications any time your service request is updated by Facilities Services staff.

You will also be able to review all of your past work orders in one, easy viewing screen. You will have the ability to view the details, status, etc.

Is the new system easy to use?

The new system is very user-friendly. By following the prompts, you will be guided through the entire entry. With FAMIS Self-Service we were able to set up a procedures library to help users answer pertinent questions to the task at hand to help our staff understand the issue and be able to respond in a more timely and effective manner.