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Flexible Course Offerings

Online Course Delivery
Individuals can complete the coursework for the 18 credit content area qualifications online through VCSU. Courses are offered fall, spring, and summer.

Full Degree Requirements
Candidates who wish to earn the entire Master of Education degree would need to complete the core courses, an action research report, field experiences, and an oral presentation of a comprehensive capstone portfolio. All requirements are initiated in required coursework and completed with the assistance of your advisor.

Meets State and National Standards

The curriculum is structured around a set of core values that provide a broad foundation in education, research and technology. This courses meet the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) and the North Dakota Education Standards and Practices Board (ESPB) state standards.

Application Process

To take the content area qualification courses, you must apply to the graduate school as a non-degree seeking student.  A non-degree application consists of a completed online application form, an unofficial transcript that records your degree,  and pay the $35.00 application fee.  If you have questions regarding the application process, please contact the Office of Graduate Studies  701-845-7303

Tuition Assistance

Waivers are available for a limited time to any NDUS faculty member who needs the credit to meet the content area qualifications, whether early entry/dual credit teachers or adjunct/full time faculty at a community college in ND. Waiver applicants must show proof of employment as a NDUS faculty member for the delivery of either dual credit/early entry courses, or regular program courses at the community college or university level.  Full time employees of NDUS campuses may be eligible for additional NDUS waivers—applicants should discuss this opportunity with their Vice President for Academic Affairs.  

Contact Information

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